With his unique and brilliant talent, the German-Turkish pianist and composer is enchanting the world with concerts since his childhood. Deniz Türkmen was one of the last students of the legendary professor Peter Feuchtwanger, who also taught virtuosos like Vladimir Horowitz, Shura Cherkassky and David Helfgott. The virtuoso is also one of the few musicians in the world who has a colorful repertoire, ranging from baroque, Viennese classical, romantic, impressionism, oriental, Japanese, French to his own creations. Among the jewels are his arrangements of Turkish and Azerbaijani art songs, perfected with a touch of Chopin they belong to the great treasure chests of piano music.

Türkmen's excellent virtuosity is remarkable. The exceptional talent develops the piano from a heavenly harp to a devilish orchestra, from soft melodies to powerful thunderstorms. His piano playing is always very bright and precise – a Pablo Picasso painting with the piano keys.

Furthermore, Deniz Türkmen runs a music school in Germany and teaches gifted students to preserve the art of the old piano school. Also popular among piano lovers are his salon concerts in the traditional Parisian style, as Frédéric Chopin once gave them.