A virtuoso who paints on the piano keys, in other words, a genius.

(Erwin Schulhoff Community)

“His arrangements of Turkish and Azerbaijani art songs for the piano are a gold treasure in the history of music. Through him, people from all nations now know the music of Türkiye and Azerbaijan. Deniz Türkmen is an important virtuoso of the 21st century.”

(Türk Dünya Gazetesi)

“Deniz Türkmen has such a defined and clear way of playing the piano. That has become very rare today. It's like listening to the old masters of the 20th century.”

(Studio 1894)

“A perfectionist who makes everything look like a cakewalk. He knows no exhaustion. Where other pianists get lost in technique and exaltation, Deniz Türkmen remains steadfast.”


“Deniz Türkmen is one of the greatest virtuosos of our time, a multitalented ambitious young man, a creator of a new music, a maestro who is on the way to be a composer like Chopin and Liszt – musicians will play his compositions even in thousand years!”

(The CosmoPolite Times)

“Deniz Türkmen is a unique young man who plays masterfully...”

(Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung)