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The global acting group GOLDEN BULWARK was founded in 2015 by Deniz Türkmen based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany. The mission is to bring young and talented people together. GOLDEN BULWARK is segmented into the sectors GOLDEN BULWARK investment club, GOLDEN BULWARK school of arts, GOLDEN BULWARK orchestra, GOLDEN BULWARK production and GOLDEN BULWARK magazine.




“And the PoliteAward goes to Deniz Türkmen...”, with this words by the jury the golden step was done and THE GOLDEN BULWARK PROJECT 1.0 was realized after such a hard work in different places of Europe.


“When I had decided to start GOLDEN BULWARK in 2015 I had a vision. A global acting unique group of young and talented people. We live in a world full of anger and hatred – art is the best medicine against it! Of course we change not the world but we make it to a better place...”

– Deniz Türkmen


Crucial for the victory was the etude for piano and orchestra which Deniz Türkmen composed during the project work through Europe.


“My etude for piano and orchestra is in the shell a technical study but in the essence it tells a story about our world.”

– Deniz Türkmen



THE GOLDEN BULWARK PROJECT 2.0 is already in planning and YOU can also be a part of it. Just check out the section 'Important information'!


Important information


- You are a young and talented musician or ballet dancer? Please send an application with your motivational letter and video recording to and join the golden orchestra!


- The GOLDEN BULWARK production is looking for another photographer. If you are interested please send an application with your curriculum vitae to!


- The GOLDEN BULWARK magazine is looking for new authors who write in English and German. If you think that you are the ideal person please send an application with your works to!


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.